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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  December 1, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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((russell a recreation center goes up in flames.. and deals a devastating blow.. the emotional toll its taking on a local community.. a rec center goes up in a flames. emotional toll it's taking on local community. high cost of bad sleep. health issues just the beginning a lack of z's is costing our country bills i don't understand of news station, this is good day tampa bay. good morning,it's 8 o'clock an i'm jen epstein laura moody has morning off thanks for joining us on this thursday, december 1st. hey dave. hey, morning morning just waiting for all fog to lift out. we still have a little bit left over here brooksville with half mile visibility. many other spots, that the
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of rain. to move through the area. and that will really be your indication that your cold front is moving through. behind that your winds will shift to northwest and drag in some drier air go back to upper 70s for today and tomorrow. much drier. beautiful. highs back to the mid 70s. all right. good to hear, dave. thank you. westbound i-4 drivers heads up we have major delays approaching homosassa road. we still have crash with lane blocks here. most of lanes are actually going to b direction. you can see just a single lane is passing and it is the right lane. the delays we're seeing right now as we take look at our map, basically, from that point all way back towards county line road. so fur agoing to avoid westbound i 4 direction which i highly suggest that is your area of concern. so do those work arounds there. we'll keep you posted when the lanes clear. meantime we're still waiting for clear lanes here after head-on collision serious injuries 301 bloomingdale going to be south
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lane passing southbound, believe it or not most of our delays will be in northbound direction. so continue to avoid. here's a new crash pinellas county. 49th street north ulmerton northbound lane blocks are here and moderate delays. >> 8:02. sleep we all need it. for majority of us we never get enough of it. but not just a health issue our nation's lack of shut eye is also a financial one. costing us billions of dollars. according to a new research, insomnia leads to loss of 1.2 million working days a year. and that adds up to more than $411 billion for the entire country. if americans who sleep less than six hours a night increase it to about seven hours it could add billions of dollars to economy and increase productivity. there are of course, major health consequences to all of this as well. people who sleep less than six hours have a 13 percent higher mortality rate than someone who gets between 7 and 9 hours of
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student loan debt across country sitting at more than $1 trillion. >> federal government is expected to forgive more than 100 billion of it within next fehr years. more and more borrowers are taking advantage of income driven repayment plans they pay just 10 percent of income instead of thousands every month. now while this is good news for borrowers eventually somebody will have to pay for all of this government accountability report says feds will likely end up for giving much more than that $108 billion. and taxpayers will be on the hook for these unpaid college loans. another big problem there are a lot of students who are not paying anything at all. right now close to eight million americans who have defaulted on their student loans. legislation just filed by state senator greg is attempting to repeal a 2014 law allowing in state tuition for some undocumented immigrants. if his measure advances during 2017 session it could divide
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voted against the law. but, both governor rick scott and a new senate appropriation chairman supported the bill saying that the florida was setting a good example. >> there's a renewed push to get more people to vote especially a. a lackluster turn out during general election. state senator proposed a law that would automatically register people when they reknee or get a driver's license easier process will lead to higher voter turn out whether or not it become a republican controlled statehouse and senate have long fought automatic registrations. well, people in clair-mel woke up to a smoke filled sky. and their recreation center up in flames. destroyed. fire dealt a devastating blow to the community members who rely on this place. it's a social gathering place for this community. and shayla is outside of that rec center right now. i tell you these interview
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are saying. i know. and every time you talk to someone you get a different perspective on what this community center meant to the clair-mel neighborhood. that spoken to people with tears in their eyes, just to see this, the hope that it represented, and what they looked forward to with upcoming renovations. this is something that a lot of people are trying to process. trying to understand and to determine exactly how this fire began. i'm going to talk now with they are rea wright. you've lived in clair-mel for a long time. many years. more than 20 years. give me some perspective on what the winston park recreation center, how it brought people together. what did it mean? >> this community center was like a safe haven for a lot of the residents of the community.
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standard of life you was living. everybody came together. the parents brought their babies. grown men came tomorrow play basketball with their sons, daughters got together. it was just like a family affair. at the community center. even with at workers. you didn't necessarily have to be assigned to go to the community center you was able to just walk in and they would treat you like you were supposed to be there. of feeling right, right here in your neighborhood, what did that mean to you? it was an excellent, wonderful feeling that i could be at home and know that my kids was safe at the community center that it was people there caring enough to watch over them like they like that was their kids. >> thank you so much theresa. and recently, and in addition to theresa lived here for 20 years. and recently moved in the last couple of years.
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i know you if have as long of an experience with community center. how did you feel quickly when you saw that today? >> i was like devastated when i woke up 6 o'clock this morning i see it on news i was like, devastated. i was like oh my god. we new to community be here only like a year going on two. and my kids, they come up here and play sometimes. you know i take them to the library or whatever. so i was like, but i wanted to sign them center. so now i'm like, what i have for them to do for summer. quickly before you go your son here franco attends middle school. just on the other side of the center. what did this mean to you as a resource for you here, the winston recreation center? >> this part here was something that we do at the school. we was at the school because most of the neighborhood is like, people just doing like are so, students used to do just
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feed us here. like they even though the people that didn't use to go to recreation center they was it i believe come in with no problem. every all the kids have fun. >> they welcomed you with open arms. yes and 5 seconds or less, what would it mean to see this place rebuilt? >> if we could rebuild this place i think i think it would do a lot better. i know it will bring are it will bring more people what happened out here. so, they, se thishe again and make it betterit could mean a lot to community. thank you so much for your time. guiness those more perspective on what building means to the residents who have lived here a short time. other who is have spent their lives here. we're going to continue to look for those stories and bring those to you throughout morning here on on fox 13 news. russell back to you. okay shayla. thank you. see you later. 8:0 eight.
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volusia county resident mandy disappeared. now officials believe they have found her remains. thee disappeared in february of 2011 her ex boyfriend pleaded no contest to mer murder. a man searching for his crashed drone stumbled upon a human skull. investigators they are awaiting dna. could ecstacy be used a ptsd treatment? possibly. and it might happen as early 2021. the fda approved phase final step of a large scale study using the drug to alleviate some symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. the department made the decision after preliminary reports showed the drug helped people participating in the study. this is the latest step or last step before it can ged get approved prescription drug. if this larger scale study shows similar results drug would available to patients in about five years. >> well, we could be getting some cooler temperatures soon. dave's back in nephew minutes wp
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take you inside the freezing fun in this morning one tank trip. 8:30 a push to make online shopping a whole lot easier. it starts with those pesky passwords. hey charley, what's going on. well i'm taking you you inside greenhouse showed you sand pines and carolina is a fire that is grow here. but when i think of a christmas tree i think of the frazier fur. and there they are. these have tobacco shipped down most o carolina. but we'll talk the crop this year, where they come from, oh my goodness. different prices. the different sizes. it's here folks. ritz december 1st ready or not christmas is around the corner. haven't got your tree yet? we'll help you out when good day
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y26pby yy6y it's beginning to look a lot like christmas.. and in's starting to feel like it, t it's beginning to look a lot lot like christmas over in orlando starting to feel like it as well. got to stop gaylord palms. annual ice winter wonder land continues. i got to check it out in this one tank trip. >> it's christmas gaylord palms. and i'm pretty sure they got some help from the north pole. because this orlando resort looks more like a winter wonder land. christmas ips such an an amazing time of year it has imagination,
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nikko put his whole heart into this project with a little help from 4-year-old daughter kennedy he created this year's theme a charley brown christmas. my mother watches and my daughter watches it they are really excited to see charley brown on ice. but it's not the only thing that to see a gaylord palms i asked to show me the ropes and take me to snoopy. >> i got in turn. >> hi snoopy. we danced we laughed and we hugged. kennedy was a little skeptical about the oversized dog. so we headed back to alpine village and into gingerbread land. >> we are definitely ready for
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>>, and there are two cookies in here. so you just decorate however you like. ton of icing and a few sprinkles later it was time to taste our magical creation. >> say good-bye. it's not a winter wonder land without some snow. so we bundled up for our next adventure. indoor snow tubing. i was definitely doing that again. real snow balls in florida? yes. >> kennedy had enough of the cold. swee said our good-byes then i got ready for the main attraction and the big freeze. cold. this year we have charley brown christmas hand carved in two million pounds ever ice. it's absolutely breath taking. boy was he right. the whole peanuts gang was waiting inside and boy was it cold.
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didn't lessen the chill but 9 degree temperatures didn't stop the fun either. and steaming hot cup of hot cocoa. >> how cocoa time. oh, this is good. gaor january 1st. tickets start 28.99 for adults. and season passes too. and you can just call them for more information 407-586-4423. >> cold in here. >> freezing. okay. quickly. tell it. tell it. i'm not prompting you to tell it i told 9 degrees there he was like not wearing a hat coat nothing. nine degrees.
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it's nine degrees. don't go in there without a jacket. and earmuffs and gloves. he wept in jeans and t-shirt you go from like 72 to 9. just by opening a door. i go with you. every door. so much fun. oh, yeah i've been last three, four, five years in a row. there's cool new edition when you about to walk out they have a guy there still sculpting. so you can see the process being made. >> neat. that's cool. yeah they are doing that. i know. 8:17. i want to show you low cloud cover that i've been talking about here. because, well some spots have a little bit of sunshine others deal with low cloud cover. then as you go out into the gulf, very little thin line of showers getting ready to move on shore in the next couple of hours. so 72 from that advantage point. there's a little bit of filtered sunshine and tampa net cam 72 with that south wind at 5. then you go into the lakeland area.
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that looks great. 70 degree start in south winds at 8. quickly the visibility are improving everywhere. which is fantastic. getting rid of the fog and low clouds. now, we got to get rid of all of the humidity. well we're going to do that as soon as we can get this line of showers to come through. so we're starting off in lower 70s. dew points in the upper 60s. but temperatures are in the 40s in panhandle right now. so you see a big di showers, moves through the area, later today the northwest winds take over. and they start to drag in that drier air. you wake up tomorrow morning completely different atmosphere. today muggy, quick shower variable clouds. your high about 79 degrees. tonight we dry it out. for againing portion of next week.
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well. >> vanessa. all right. a couple spots we're following on i-4 homosassa. we will start off here gibsonton. u.s. 41 gibsonton drive. two northbound rains. sounds like a little bit slow in area. at starkey boulevard. lane blocks here eastbound direction. plan extra stra time if you have to head this way. live look here westbound i-4 homosassa. yet. two trucks on scene. but i imagine only a matter of time. w do have those delays starting to creep back towards pork parkway. and so lot of red basically homosassa just beyond county line road continue to avoid that area, please. >> giving game ball to tampa bay. this is very cool. our 9 o'clock hour, why jameis winston says fans deserve the
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first let's see. we've beginning look a lot like christmas. now it's beginning smell a lot like christmas. charley's in holiday spiritual christmas trees being cut. we will check in wit ? think of your fellow man. ? n your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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good day tampa bay. do you have your christmas tree up yet is it artificial? or it a real one i know where you can get a real one right here. they actually grow christmas trees here. florida christmas tree. sand pine and carolina is a fire but they also get all of those classic varieties i like to call them. tony is here with ergle examine tree farm celebrating 30 years selling christmas trees here. and when i think, when i christmas tree i picture fraizer fur. number one seller in the nation. most people agree, that christmas tree. that's it, if you see a christmas tree in a movie it's a frazier fur. the lexus of christmas trees. i love the smell and how's the crop? supposed to be come up and do that and not get a bunch of needles in your hand. that's it because we make a fresh wut cut on them and put them in water. they last and last and last and
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run out water one time it will stay fresh. where, where do these come from? these come from north carolina. okay. way up in the mountains. truck drivers are even scared to drive up the mountain >> all best things come out the north carolina. where my education came out. so i can say that. big old trees here. people love the big ones this year. if you have asmall ones they want big ones if they want small ones we're trying to please. you've got a big crop of big ones. that's for sure. we were at your artificial competitor this week. >> no offense. >> and get real come on. and we talk about how they make the skinny trees look at that. nature makes skinny trees too. they say i want a skinny tree. there it is. great for condo or apartment or whatever. we've also got furs there. thank you. and that, a con color fur. they are a little different. they are different.
8:25 am
mexico. really? they got citrus smell to them. interesting. and are those all these all con colors. those are all con colors. they are come from michigan. >> okay. and we also have some douglas fur. is that what that is right here? sorry, jason we love you. that boston fur right there. this ball sam fur. then we have some colorado blue spruce down there also. we have also have black hill spruce is beautiful too. now this is about at size. about my kind of size right here. how do you price them? how do you come up with your price? >> they charge us by the height of the tree. this yellow tag tree is seven to eight. tip of my fingers eight foot. seven to eight premium we order number one trees. not number twos. number twos will have a hole in this them. that, we always try to get premium trees. they start at and go to. they start about the $38 on that
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people that want to get one, you know to put up on a table. go on up to a couple hundred bucks. 250, 300 for really big ones. all right. when we come back, russell and jen, some suggestions we'll show you how they pack it up and get you ready to go suggestion to keep it looking great all the way through christmas pie tell you important thing you're going to get to is shaking those branches. oh, yes. shake it up. that's a mess in the house if what? we're shaking. he's not shaking with us am i still on camera? oh, yeah. you're still on. then they've not cut away yet in all right. let him go everybody. take it. florida officials are pushing to make city streets face in campaign hoping to make a dent in the number of deadly traffic accidents. too many sequels silver screen
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((jen 2shot)) a tampa man who killed a father after a fight on a basketball court could be going free.. at lea a tampa man who killed a father after fight on basketball court could be going free at least temporarily. earlier this year, travis was granted a new trial this week the judge said he could go free. while he awaits his next day in court. walter is live outside of the jail where he is expected to be released some time today.
8:31 am
you. judge granted that bond yesterday at $100,000. and right now, i just checked in with them, they are still under banner of processing. so it could something as the judge sending over the orders. they need to check over orders, that sort of thing. but in that processing it could take a couple of hours. at any moment now he should come out of orient road jail. let's get back to how he got to this point. trevor dooley is a serve ago eight years understand for an argument engine basketball in valrico back in 2010 he serve two years of eight year sentence in prison. this spring dooley was granted a new tile. that is upcoming. but but yesterday the judge set his bond $100,000. under conditions of his bond dooley will not be allowed to leave his home in spring hill and hernando county unless it's for medical or legal reasons. he also will not be allowed to own a weapon or contact victim's family. if you remember this shooting happened right in front of
8:32 am
time. of course he's teenager now. the widow of james made argument of that he's terrified for him to be out on the loose. of course we know how that unfolded the judge sided with the defendant and granted that $100,000 bond. which we are waiting for him to leave any moment now. so we'll continue to follow this throughout the day follow this from very beginning and we'll follow it all the way up to the new trial. but, from very latest stay with fox 13 and, guys. >> all right time now 8:32. this morning top stories right now more than 3200 people are missing in florida. an event happening usf hopes to shed light on new cases and give families a chance to file new reports for people who are missing. on saturday law enforcement agency scientist and other experts are joining together for missing in florida day. their hope is to get these cases solved for the families that are still searching.
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affordable healthcare act open enrollment 500,000 floridians signed up that number includes new policies and renewals. it it's not surprising considering florida had one and a half million people on the government healthcare program last year leading the nation. florida taking up a big bite out of big apple. it's restaurant businesses. two high scale restaurants are moving out of new york city and coming to south florida. that includes oh, palm italian restaurant promises mainstays while taking advantage of the. second restaurant is otl. opening in design district in miami that two torre restaurant will a host events and showcase local designers. florida's hope beautiful weather a lot of people are taking walks and riding bikes outside. road safety is so important. not just for drivers, for pedestrians as well. unfortunately, florida is one top states in the country for
8:34 am
transportation officials are working to curve that with a new campaign. they want to remind pedestrians and bicyclists it they want to follow the rules too. not just drivers. >> most importantly pay attention drivers should not be texting and people crossing the road shouldn't doing that either. cyclists need a white light on front of bike as well a red light and reflector on the back. light colors clothes are also recommended especially at night. 7 people are dead and or damaged by wildfires in tennessee. new this morning we're learning park service near gatlinburg believes these destructive wildfires were caused by human not mother nature. the fire started monday in flames quickly spread from mountain and gatlinburg pigeon forge even though fires were mostly odd by wednesday for many that was too late. they lost their homes, their pets and all of their personal belongings officials confirm seven deaths and more than 50 people hurt they believe their
8:35 am
missing. and downed power lines debris and mud slides are limiting the search efforts. >> and that's not the only destruction in this southeast. at least 13 confirmed twisters damaged homes and toppled trees in parts of alabama, louisiana, mississippi and tennessee. at least 5 people are dead, more than a dozen more injured due to tornadoes. 45,000 homes and businesses were without power at one point. it is just been a terrible week weather wise country. dave no i mean. and only good thing is all rain put out fires. that's only good thing. but it started by a human. sad to hear. i know. what's left by the way of that rain is on our skytower radar. it's really not much. we talked about how the energy from this front would all dry to the northeast. this is what it left behind is, this weakening line of broken light shower activity. and that's all i got for you.
8:36 am
variable clouds it's warm, it's muggy you will notice a fi of these little sprinkles or light showers come moving through over the next few hours. if you have to be outside work outside this not going to big deal. not anticipating anything significant at all. then after this moves through the winds will begin to shift to the northwest. and that's when we start to drag in the more comfy air. i mean we're right now in the low to mid 70s. brandon is where our normal high temperature should so i think for the next few hours we will continue to raise our temperatures probably to the upper 70s. and then that's about it. after that rain moves through, well, light shower. we will start to again, dry it out. and cool it off too by tomorrow morning. you can see lot of these. these upper 50s around the area. look at the difference. tampa's at 72. pensacola is at 49. wow. dew points in tampa.
8:37 am
70 degrees tomorrow morning. you'll have this. a dew point of 45. big change coming. first things first. warm and muggy for next several hours. just quick little light shower and then by tomorrow morning drier air will have settled in. 79 for high temperature today. tonight 60 as it turns much, much drier. our dew points by tomorrow morning going to kickback into the 40s. and lot of sunshine tomorrow. should be a beautiful day. high of boaters be careful. winds will shift this afternoon to northwest abruptly. 15 knots or so giving us that moderate chop. quiet right now, they pick up a little bit later today. your next 7 days back to the upper 70s for saturday and sunday. and the warmth and mugginess comes ever so slowly creeping back in for monday, tuesday and wednesday. vanessa, you ever go to the beach and you waiting for perfect sunset i mean the kind of sunset where you have grab your camera and snap a picture, right?
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way. somebody gets in your way. look. oh, but that's good one. all you want to do get a picture of sunset and right in way. was what a beautiful picture. that made it even better. reading ton shores cute. anyway. #welivehere folks. get those pictures in. you can win a fox 13 good day mug. i think bird should get the mug. let's not deny this person. i know, their mug. i like it. just cute. very nice. all right thanks, dave. 8:38. we want switch gears good we want to check roads good news or i-4 lanes finally clear here westbound direction homosassa still seeing delays in area you might suspect it will take several minutes to get travel times and speeds back to normal. go ahead and check this out where we're standing as far as delays in area buck man to 75 taking about 23 minutes. so still in the red here. but we're starting to see improvements at the very least you're going to want to leave a
8:39 am
eastern hillsborough county area. new things that are popping up on roadways. 78th street north causeway. we have new crash with a northbound right lane block. so some of your delays can that way. definitely seeing delays here westbound on state road 60. brandon boulevard approaching 75. the crash here we're seeing has lane blocks on actual entrance ramp it stacking up smp traffic trying to access 75. hillsborough avenue handling road eastbound lane blocks here definitely seeing delays 8:39 right now. tough news for the film industry in florida continues. hbo series that has been filmed in miami since the beginning is moving to los angeles thanks to california tax incentive program a series called baller decided to leave miami a florida tax incentive program. now group represents florida film industry is taking it's concerns to state legislature. plans to see if something can done to bring incentive program
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2016 is year sequels many of bombed at the box office. suppers say too many studio are turn one hit wonders into a franchise. majority of the cases it's not worked. especially when it comes to comedies now studio are having to figure out what they can do in 2016 to fix creative and slump of 2016. if you open your email in box there's a pretty good chance you're inundated with emails about sales and holiday promotions. a it's time to get smart about holiday shopping because your bank account depends on it. first thing you can do go into mall or stores with a plan. and a checklist. hardest part is cutting through the clutter to get to the actual deals avoiding other temptations especially those at the front of the store. so that checklist will help you out. next use your smart phone to compare prices at the different stores. and you can even ask the retailer to match the lower price. visit stores right after they
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quieter and sales likely in better moods. if you f. you man to shop on lean it might get a little easier when time to check out up next our consumer reporter here
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(jen 2shot) more and more americans are doing their holiday shopping online this year and using their smart phones or tablets... (russell) and they are using there are smart phones and tablets. point and realize i forgot my password for this site >> gentlemen our consumer reporter joins us this morning. with a push to do away with pass codes. could this work? >> could it work and could it be safe. that's question. we forget a password especially on car is on your phone a lot of you i do, you probably say, who has time for this. you just forgot the whole thing. what if we could do away with
8:45 am
something you need unique to you and your body facial recognition, your voice maybe or what we already do a lot of us when you use your thumb print to unlock your iphone. fido alliance they are national organization and pushing to use bio metrics instead of passwords. they say more than half of shoppers 53 percent of us forget their passwords. then a third abandon their online shopping carts altogether. >> they also say consumers prefer bio metrics choice. so it's something that could be in our future, russell. i've got couple of questions ph. actually called a fido alliance? >> yes, there is. no it has nothing to do with puppies. >> making sure. because if it does that will though throw me off a lot. is that something i mean are we going to see this happening? >> well it actually already is in some cases. usaa is using it master card is trying it out visa actually just announced a week ago they wanted tone able consumers to use technologies instead passwords
8:46 am
question is will we the consumers adopt it and trust it. >> is it working? >> it is working. of course every bio metric has a weakness. voice recognition, that doesn't work really well if there's a ton of background noise. then facial recognition, that can depend on lighting. so you might need a password to fall back on. which security experts say weakens the whole thing. these are for example working to prompt for the next bio metric test if one fails for example if stamped that will fail to open your phone that will prompt voice facial recognition. and then i got next thing is it st secure? >> well anything hackable i say if anything is secure because where there's a will there way. researcher actually successfully made digital copies of fingerprints russell. they usual special ink that mimics properties and managed to unlock phones. there's your answer. you can hack anything even bio
8:47 am
than passwords. bio metric signature id they are one of the companies developing this type of technology. and they actually have you use your finger to write a password. so sort of a combination of both. not only are you putting in a word. but your fingerprint the heat of your body, your specific touch. so that's a good example of how using multiple security measures is always the best defense. you need a bunch of things to make sure you're secure. i was watching that. that's fascinating. >> i think that, i mean in our future, i think we're going to see a combination. especially when it comes to companies, right? it might be something that we don't adopt paying our credit card bill or shopping online p but it's nice to think about when we're trying to do all of our holiday shopping right now. >> true. good point. good point. i want to work for the fido alliance. >> i feel like you need to invent your own version of fido alliance. what do do you do i work for fido alliance. >> really have to do like
8:48 am
exactly. exactly. that's my kind of thing. i am on board. good to see you. nice to see you. take care. >> i'm on board for that alliance. right? for sure. >> right? hey charley. what are you doing, man? i'm getting ready to shake and bake. that's what we're getting ready to do. but no real bacon but rhymes with shake christmas trees right over here ergle christmas tree farm once you buy one no squirrels in there or any other critters. and that's where the shaking comes through. then they d they wrap it.
8:49 am
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relax differently. and all those differences take energy. at duke energy, we're doing things differently too. like new ways to generate power and even store it... ...for cleaner energy every day. so no matter how different things become, we're always here ....
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welcome back... the time is 8:xx. new this morning... how much do you love your cellphone? do you bring it new this morning how much do you love your cell phone? bring everywhere make sure its charged at all times in a nice safe protective case? well how about a warm comfy bed too? yeah. that's right. you can now sing your lullaby for good night sleep. look at that thrive global now selling a phone bed for a hundred bucks.
8:52 am
and mahogany. solid wood bed velvet lined compartment fits your tablets and top is covered with double sided linens. this is ridiculous. one satin other micro fiber which you lay your phone on top of it. charley belcher, a bed for your cell phone. some people have too much money. strangest thing i have ever heard. too much time onhe i agree. >> wow. having fun. i have no further comment on that one. having a great time. always fun to, if you know, jennifer epstein herself a regular customer ergle christmas tree farm. i think she said jeremy are coming up very tune soth their tree this year tony. she was here last year. yeah. yeah. denise white used used to come up here. you've, you've, dave, dave's osterberg up here buying
8:53 am
frazier furs for most part and con colored fur what are these trees back here in buckets? lay land cypress. christmas tree, but for landscaping around the house but lot of people use them for christmas tree and plant them in yard you got that option as well. i bought my tree i want to make it last as long as possible. it's not too early to buy a tree, is it in no, no. not at i've open since thanksgiving day. all right. but ooi got 25 days. no they're going to last appear ohs long as you keep them in water we got us a tree here. that fraizer fur, about i'd say $68 tree. all right.
8:54 am
i it. yeah. all right. that's good. now, in case there's any, yeah. one year, you said you got a shake this out in case any snake in the tree. yeah since that year artificial trees for up come on now. now. look at this. how's that? i love that. and this really is to shake out loose the loose needles if there was a squirrel or loose. that is the thing. falling off of it.owers needle - as it is look what's happening also helps it fill up. we go with that? we're done. now you got to stick a hole in bottom you want a stand, which you? a stand your tree up. okay. well this is it. take this. and it centers it perfectly. now as long as you hold the tree straight, which we always try to
8:55 am
how we doing for center. don't stick your finger in there. it's hot. looks pretty good. yeah. and so it will suck up the water better? no. that's for stand. water goes around between the bark and the and the center of the tree. all right. now wait. wait. come here i'm going to train you on christmas tree business. >> good. now grab ahold of that. pull. now after we do that now we're going to put a stand on the bottom. the stands are extra. but we sell. you can put water in. they hold twice a much water as regular stand. i call it the lazy man tree stand.
8:56 am
system. >> okay. they've been in business for years out in scottsdale arizona. we take it and place it in here. don't hit the. you can do it. go ahead. key radar keep going. i thought you screw it in at some poin. no you screw it off. keep going. you almost got it. almost that's it. all right. beautiful job. thank you very much. you're hired. how's that? there you go. and are you in straight you'll help people get it on top of their car. you put it on card we only put stands on if you're in truck you can't put them if you're in a car you can do that at home. there it is. there you go. open what are your ours? we're open from 9, seven days a week until santa claus lands.
8:57 am
hour, real wreaths. and real wreaths and christmas cacti. i thought you would more excited. i got lost. >> is that stand reusable? >> yes. oh yeah you use same stand every year. i've got tree from tony like three years i still got stand in my garage. just making sure. just buy it once. hey. got to migraines steal moments from my life. so i use excedrin. it starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes. and it works on my symptoms, too. now moments lost to migraines are moments gained with excedrin.
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that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me.
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((russell)) clowns. they're creepy. you're in for compromised. people doing it possibly the u.s. government. the new rule that allows the feds to peek inside your hard drive. surviving the holidays without the weight gain. our fitness expert is how it maybe an as easy as grab a friend. >> and good thursday morning. we almost made it through the work week. thank goodness.


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